Large mako shocks swimmers, surfers at iconic Aussie beach

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The shark, estimated to weigh about 1000 kg and up to 3 meters long, had a fishing hook attached to its mouth, the Nine News channel reported. Calls were first made to state police about the shark on the beach late the night before but it was rediscovered in the morning when many beachgoers started to arrive at the popular weekend spot, according to reports.

SYDNEY, June 16 (Xinhua) -- A large mako shark shocked many swimmers and surfers when it was found washed ashore on the iconic Bondi beach here on Saturday morning, with a crowd of onlookers drawn to the rare sight after helping to dispose of the carcass, according to local media.

The sharks are "renowned for their ability to leap out of the water and cases of angry Makos jumping into boats after being hooked have been recorded", according to the department's website.

Mako sharks are found along the New South Wales coast, in Australia's coastal shelf and ocean waters, according to the state department of primary industries. The top marine predators are not listed as a threatened species but their capture is limited under an environmental protection and biodiversity conservation framework.